Over the last couple years I have really been perfecting my insane mane (I just came up with that, just now!). I think it’s a little Farrah + Gisele + Simba = aaaall Kyle.  Laura of HeyMissy asked me awhile ago just how I achieve my giant waves and now you all can finally (FINALLY) hear my secrets.  Please be gentle as this is my first tutorial and video!

1) Obviously I start with looking like a drowned rat.  All good ‘AFTER’s have their ‘BEFORE’s. Clean hair!  I also have included what particular shampoo/conditioner I’m using right now. Shampoo: Matrix - Biolage, Hydratherapie Conditioner: Matrix - sleek.look I’ve been using that conditioner pretty consistently for years now.  Even though my stylist says that’s a no-no, but it’s the only thing that instantly makes it feel soft while I’m still in the shower!  To be fair, I usually only buy whatever is in the liter bottles and I try to buy one color protectant and one moisturizer.

2) 99% of the time I let my hair air dry over night with absolutely no product in it.  I think it helps keep my natural body and make the style last longer.  We all know that blow dryers, curling irons and straightners are murder on our hair so why not eliminate one step if I can?  For this tutorial I needed to speed things up so I gave in to the heat machine.  On these rare occasions I steal my roommate’s mousse, hence (HENCE!) the ssshhh I’m giving you guys.  

3) I then pull back my hair, however works best for you to blow dry my bangs.  I always blow them out, even when I go to bed with wet hair.  For me it just seems like they will never lay right otherwise.

4) Now jumping back to the mousse (I think it’s Paul Mitchell) - just a little in the palm, scrunch, scrunch and blow dry. No brush, just bent over and scrunch with your blow dryer.  This part right here probably takes up more than half of the entire hair process. Another reason why I like to let it air dry overnight. 

My First Hair Tutorial from Kyle Lane on Vimeo.

{Watching this video, here is where I’m asking for the less critical feedback}

5) Now pretend I did my whole head in the video in fast forward like I have mad editing skills…aaaand done! Step 5 is the Shirley Temple step where you have waaay too perfect curls.  I don’t know if the photo shows it well enough, but as I said in the video, I remove the hot tool and leave the hair as is.  Let it cool and set.  Do your makeup. Refill your wine glass or whatever you ladies do when getting ready.

6) Now I’m ready to shake that shit out.  That’s what I’m doing in the photo, shakin’ that sh*t out.  I’ll probably spray my whole head again for good measure, never can have too much hair spray.  Once I flip back up I tousle the pieces around my face to my liking, curl some randoms that aren’t quite right aaaand SPRAY AGAIN!  Seriously, aren’t you guys so glad I told you about the $10 hair spray?

I would truly love to hear feedback from you beauties.  I don’t care if it’s how much this tutorial sucks or pics of your own insane mane or whatever.  Reply, comment, tweet or e-mail me :)


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    Kyle is awesome! First of all, LOVE the video! You are adorable and need to do more! Secondly, I love the layout of your...
  2. picatoria said: You are so pretty and I enjoyed hearing your voice. I love your mane! My hair is super fine and straight, so I don’t know what the result would be if I tried this, but I need to find more volume. I will let you know!
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    …and then if you are anyone else in the family, your hair is flat and crunchy in about an hour.
  4. lavidasf said: How do you look that good right out of the shower? :)
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